Established in 1979, Hoang Yen Group is a F&B group committed to preserving the culinary treasures with a contemporary twist, aspiring to providing unforgettable dining experience with exceptional food quality and excellent service in a congenial ambience. The founder, recognized in the industry for her dedication to reviving the lost recipes and sourcing the best produce and ingredients, leads the experienced and skillful team of chefs to carry on the obsession for creating the honest real food.

Infused with culture and innovation, the dining concepts under four brands include: Vietnamese cuisine upholding the tastes of long-beloved dishes that have been relished for generations; local and international buffets; Asian-inspired gourmet hotpot with 10 signature flavors; fine dining; gourmet delivery; and professional business catering.

Our mission is to reconnect family bonds, generations to generations, people to culture through the enjoyment of traditional recipes with their modern interpretations, to inspire international guests to appreciate and savour all facets of Vietnamese food and culture.

At Hoang Yen Group, every member is trained to strive for the highest quality, freshness in every dish, using the genuine, premium ingredients sourced from trusted vendors.